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MiniSTARS Photoshop Action Pack


Expose your Milky Way details with MiniSTARS star size reduction. Don’t let the stars get in the way of your astrophotography!

Get MiniSTARS with the Milky Way Action Pack Bundle and enjoy MASSIVE savings!



Get MiniSTARS with the Milky Way Finisher Action Pack Bundle and enjoy MASSIVE savings!

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Far too often, our Milky Way and night-sky photos have beautiful starry scenes that get absolutely ruined after the often heavy post-processing that is required to bring out those dim galactic details.

That’s where MiniSTARS comes in. Using masking techniques to ONLY affect the stars in your nearly-completed photos, we’ll reduce the apparent size of most of the smaller stars so that the structure and beauty of the Milky Way and sky features pop out — all in a single click!


Constellations will start to pop out with more clarity and be more well-defined. Milky Way detail you may have never seen before will be more apparent. Meteors and ISS passes in photographs will no longer be overpowered by the smaller stars in the sky.

Be careful when you try it out on your older already-finished photos, because you might just get hooked!

Before and After MiniSTARS animationWith the MiniSTARS Photoshop action pack, you will get:

  • 5 levels of one-click star reduction
  • The ability to use all star reduction levels at once to pick the best in one click
  • Star masking so as to only affect stars
  • The ability to chain multiple levels of the same or other MiniSTARS levels for subtle to extreme effects
  • Bundled installation instructions for Photoshop actions
  • Our standard 30-day 100% money-back guarantee!

Get MiniSTARS with the Milky Way Finisher Action Pack Bundle and enjoy MASSIVE savings!

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